Warranties vary between products.

If you have an issue with any product please email customer service on sales@hostdirect.com.au with full details. If you are unsure or would like to talk about the issue, please phone on 1300 886 860

Pe'tye 2 Year Chip Warranty

HOST Corporation Pty Ltd offer a 2 Year Chip Warranty on all Pe’tye round plates supplied by our company, proof of purchase will be required.

We warrant all Pe’tye plates against edge chipping (not breakages) under normal usage conditions for a period of two years from the date of invoice. We will replace any pieces returned and found to be defective with identical or equivalent pieces on a one-for-one basis.

All chipping caused by abnormal or abusive use is expressly excluded from this warranty. We reserve the right to determine whether or not the chipping is from normal usage.

To receive replacements under this warranty, claims should be submitted to:

Bonna Lifetime Chip Guarantee

Bonna is currently the only brand in the world offering a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty on a fine china body. This is an indictment on Bonna’s confidence in their product design and manufacturing quality. The Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty is a core pillar in the offering because Bonna recognises that chipping is one of the main problems for all hospitality organisations. In the industry, almost 70% of the renewal purchases come from chipping breakages. Bonna specialises in the manufacture of extremely robust yet delicate products, which deliver lifetime edge chip warranty in versatile and innovative collections.
Not only does renewal breakages add cost to a hospitality business, chipped plates cause operational issues. Re-supplying and/or keeping high levels of inventory for easily chipped plates increases operational costs and delays.

In addition to the Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty Bonna’s ranges have a foundational Duralight Design. Duralight design focuses on balancing durability, stackability and lightness. These are all crucial functional considerations that can sometimes become an afterthought in dinnerware design. But a beautiful design is only beautiful if the dinnerware can stay consistently in service. Dinnerware needs to be neatly stacked, light enough to handle and durable enough to withstand the constant bumps and clashes that happen in every single service.

Bonna also use a proprietary mix of ingredients to form their Craze resistant glaze. This unique glaze has shown a consistently great performance, withstanding the harsh realities of usage abrasion from multiple industrial dishwashing cycles through to cutlery contact.

One of the last key design elements in fine china is translucency. The light reflection that comes from higher translucency is the biggest factor in making a glaze appear shiny and premium. Translucent products improve the elegance of presentation. Bonna proudly boasts one of the most translucent fine china bodies in the industry.
All of these clever design factors are translated across more than 11 modern, current design ranges and multiple dinnerware pieces within each range.

This phenomenal combination of product properties and global-leading designs makes Bonna an easy, safe choice for any hospitality organisation.