The HOST Concept

Our Mission

To provide YOU with something different - an innovative, low cost, leading edge model. HOST will pass on these benefits to our customers and offer REAL value - that's different.

To provide levels of personal service that set the pace for online, counter, telephone and fax sales - YOU can select the medium that suits YOU.

Guiding Philosophy

Key motives - Simplicity, Efficiency, Value and Reliability.
Through continuous improvement of our own levels of efficiency and effectiveness, we seek to provide all our customers with convenience, immediate product availability and the highest value so that YOU can always depend on YOUR relationship with HOST.
YOU, our customer, will always be able to review your purchasing history, and to easily review and recognise the products YOU require. New products will be immediately added to our website as soon as they hit our store.
Whether YOU purchase internationally recognised brands or products sold under the HOST label, YOU will secure these products at the lowest possible prices.
HOST searches the world for the best quality and value supplies and then selling directly to YOU. By removing middlemen and expensive showrooms, the benefits to you are lower prices, products chosen for their durability and stocks ready for immediate shipment. FEEDBACK is always welcome. Please feel free to send us an email.
Adding value to YOUR business by simplifying YOUR procurement procedures, reducing YOUR costs and with the aim of providing YOU a total solution.